Maddy O’Neal Unveils a Special Gem & Jam Festival Playlist

In recent times, niche festivals have captured the hearts of many. While the allure of large mainstream events is undeniable, there’s an undeniable charm to intimate, specialized gatherings. This sentiment perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Gem & Jam Festival. Scheduled from February 2-4, 2024, this event unfolds its magic at the Pima County Fairgrounds located in Tucson, Arizona.

The lineup for the 16th annual Gem & Jam Festival is nothing short of spectacular. Leading the charge are renowned artists such as The Discobiscuits, Of the Trees, Boogie T, Lettuce, Spafford, LP Giobbi, and Daily Bread. But that’s not all; the festival boasts the return of beloved acts like the dynamic live electronic duo, Break Science. Additionally, attendees can anticipate mesmerizing performances from Maddy O’Neal, offering both her signature set and a unique MadHaus house set. The festival also shines a spotlight on trailblazers like Michal Menert, amplifying its diverse musical palette.

For those eager to immerse themselves in this unique musical journey, do explore Maddy O’Neal’s curated Gem & Jam playlist below. And if you haven’t secured your spot yet, tickets for the festival are still up for grabs. Dive in and be part of an unforgettable experience!