Mackenzie Nicole gives a self-explanatory performance in her latest music video series ‘Mystic’

Mackenzie Nicole knows how to thread new patterns with her incredible vocals as she records her latest music video series ‘Mystic’ boldly and unapologetically.


Mackenzie Nicole makes a statement with her latest additions to the Mystic video series that braces with dark sentiments and emotions with deliberate lyrics. The singer-songwriter takes a stand by disclosing the struggles of heartbreak and its aftermath. The singer’s voice shimmers throughout all her creations as she delivers the verses with utmost poise to create a moody-pop journey for the listener. The series covers several hearts touching music videos like ‘Stay’, ‘Heart of Darkness’, ‘Five Months, Four Days’, ‘Fun’, ‘A Cut Rose in Tap Water’, The House Above The world’, and ‘Happy’.

Mackenzie Nicole has teamed up with Michael ‘Seven’ Summers to craft this beautiful and long-lasting musical trail for her audience. The singer creates an atmosphere for getting in touch with your core feelings and puts in all her heart to reveal her deepest emotions. Layered with heartfelt and compelling lyrics, the songs pen down her thoughts on weighty decisions, while she tries to hold herself up with clarity. The accompanying visuals strongly relate to the situation and remain cinematically appealing. It takes the listener through a passage of heartbreak, emotional trauma, struggles and ultimately seeing the light of hope at the end. Beautifully summarized, the sings can now be watched fully on YouTube. Also, to know more about the singer’s journey follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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