MAC x Keith Haring Viva Glam Lipsticks

Red Haring

MAC Red Haring Lipstick has a semi-matte to satin finish and is a bright, medium cherry red with cool, blue undertones. The lipstick had a lightweight, lightly emollient texture that glided on easily but never slid around during wear. It was richly pigmented, with coverage that applied evenly and lasted for more than six hours. The product left a stain and felt slightly hydrating after a while.

St Marks Yellow

MAC St. Marks Yellow Lipstick has a frosted finish and is a medium-dark yellow with warmer undertones. It had a semi-sheer, somewhat buildable color payoff paired with a lightweight, slightly thinner texture that glidingly glided on without tugging. The downside of the product was that it was prone to catching around texture imperfections (such as flakes) and getting into my lip lines, resulting in an uneven appearance. It lasted four hours and did not dry.

Canal Blue

MAC Canal Blue Lipstick is a vibrant, medium-dark cobalt blue with cool undertones and a satin finish. It provided nearly opaque color coverage in a single layer, applied evenly, and was not prone to catching on lip texture or settling into my lip lines. In the tube, the texture was moderately firm but not stiff to work with. It lasted five hours, left a purplish stain, and was lightly hydrating over time.