MAC Starstruck & Walk of Flame for Stardom Kissing Stars Lipstick Reviews & Swatches



MAC Starstruck Kissing Stars Lipstick is a bright, purple-berry with warmer undertones and flecks of cooler violet and blue-violet sparkle and micro-glitter. It had medium color coverage in a single layer, which was most apparent when swatched on my arm and not at all apparent when actually applied.

The issue was in the texture, as the more I tried to built up the coverage, the more the color moved around and created an incredibly uneven lay down of color and shimmer/sparkle that clumped up on itself. I struggled to get product to adhere to the inner area of my lips, and while that can sometimes occur if the area is wet (like you just drank a glass of water), I’m not exactly new to applying lipstick so I can assure you it wasn’t user error!

The texture was emollient without being heavy, and it didn’t feel overly slippery despite looking like it and having that kind of effect (including some product getting into my lip lines). The color stayed on decently for four hours, left a pinkish stain behind, and felt non-drying over time.


Walk of Flame

MAC Walk of Flame Kissing Stars Lipstick is a deep, muted red with subtle, neutral-to-cool undertones and a metallic finish. It had faint sparkle but seemed to have finer, more metallic-like shimmer paired with a lightly glossy finish.

It had medium coverage that was buildable to semi-opaque pigmentation, but as I built it up, the color moved away from the inner area of my lips and didn’t want to re-adhere. The texture was lightly creamy, smooth, and emollient, and while it didn’t slide around, it did sink into my lip lines. It wore well for four hours and was neither drying nor hydrating.