MAC Starring You Spellbinder Shadows Reviews & Swatches


Stairs to the Stars

MAC Stairs to the Stars Spellbinder Shadow is a slightly blackened, reddish-burgundy with warmer undertones and fine, shimmer finish that looked more satin-like applied dry and more metallic applied wet. The texture was incredibly finely-milled and soft to the touch.

There’s nothing that really suggests that they could (or should) be used with a dampened brush, but they were so dismal when I initially swatched them dry, I thought, while we’re here… and there’s a massive improvement when working with it with a dampened brush (just water). The pigmentation was semi-sheer applied dry and opaque applied wet, while I had light fallout working with it dry, I had no fallout working with it wet and it still had all the blendability of a great powder eyeshadow. It wore well for seven hours before fading noticeably applied dry, and it wore for a full eight hours well when I used it with a dampened brush.

Stars Align

MAC Stars Align Spellbinder Shadow is a medium-dark gray with cool undertones and a soft sheen. It had semi-sheer coverage with a very silky-smooth texture that felt finely-milled to the touch. It applied evenly and blended out well, but there was light fallout and the color wouldn’t build up. The color stayed on well for seven hours before fading a bit.

I’d recommend using it with a wet brush, which intensified the coverage to opaque, finish to metallic, and improved adhesion and wear.

Swing on a Star

MAC Swing on a Star Spellbinder Shadow is a blackened-brown base with flecks of olive green and blue-teal shimmer and larger sparkle. It had semi-opaque pigmentation applied with a dry brush, which was hard to build up without getting fallout.

The texture was very, very finely-milled, but it was so fine that it could easily puff up and you could see it in the air. The formula, while it’s not marketed as such, really benefits from being applied with a dampened brush–it’s opaque, metallic, and rich; all the things it was supposed to be dry. It wore well for seven and a half hours dry on bare skin.

Wishful Thinking

MAC Wishful Thinking Spellbinder Shadow is a medium purple with subtle, warm undertones and a soft sheen. It had sheer color payoff that wasn’t buildable without using it with a dampened brush, and then it was opaque and metallic in a single layer.

The texture felt incredibly silky and finely-milled, and there was minimal fallout during application when I worked with it dry. The color stayed on decently for seven hours before fading a bit on me.