MAC Pink Sprinkle of Shine Set Review & Swatches


MAC Pink Sprinkle of Shine Set is a new, limited edition set exclusively available at Macy’s, which contains new shades of Extra Dimension Skinfinish and Dazzleglass with a new, larger fan-style brush with synthetic bristles. The set also included a zippered pouch. Starquake and Unleash the Stars performed consistently with their formulas. The brush has only gone through an initial review, as the set released for the holidays, and it seemed to be made fine, felt soft, but if I was thinking of a brush to include in a set, I would have gone with a more classic tapered highlighting or domed blush brush.


Starquake is a medium-dark pink with subtle, cooler undertones but much warmer, gold shimmer throughout, so it appeared slightly warmer in tone overall, especially when blended out. The texture was smooth to the touch, slightly denser and firmer without becoming stiff. It had nearly opaque color coverage in a single layer that applied evenly and smoothly to bare skin. The product diffused easily and didn’t emphasize my skin’s natural texture. It wore well for eight and a half hours before fading visibly.

Unleash the Stars

Unleash the Stars is a light-medium, translucent peach base with flecks of gold, pink, and peach sparkle throughout. It had sheer coverage that applied evenly to my lips and had a “semi-sheer” level of coverage in the form of shimmer/sparkle. The texture was smooth, lightweight, and lightly tacky, but it adhered well and lasted for three hours on me, while the formula felt hydrating over time.

143SES Medium Face Fan Brush

143SES Medium Face Fan Brush is a medium-large, dense fan brush that has a strong curve from edge to edge and flares outward from the base, which gives a very full, dense feeling. It picked up product well from the powder, but it was easy to over-apply due to the size and density. For a sheerer formula, it might work better and be more forgiving to use. On my face shape/size, it felt overly large and didn’t work well for depositing and blending out color precisely; I had to use one-third of the left or right side to get it to work.

The brush is made out of synthetic fibers, so it felt soft and smooth against my skin, and I didn’t notice any stray or poking bristles while using it in various motions. There were a few bristles that weren’t properly lined up with the edge on inspection. I felt like the brush worked better for more all-over products, like a bronzer along the perimeter of the face or translucent powder.

Nothing about the way it was made or felt, at least initially, seemed to suggest that there’d be issues with the construction/durability over time, though I have not tried the majority of MAC’s brushes since they changed over to all synthetic.