MAC Pink Roses, Swoon for Blooms, Rhythm ‘n’ Roses Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolours

Pink Roses

Pink Roses Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolor by MAC is a deep pinky-mauve with cool undertones and a satin finish. The texture was smooth, velvety, and spreadable, with a whipped, mousse-like texture. While the formula eventually dried to a more matte finish, for the first half hour of wear, it appeared more satin-like (unless blotted down). It had opaque color coverage that applied evenly across my lips, but I had to be careful with the amount of product on the applicator because it usually held an excessive amount. This color lasted for five hours (rather than the promised ten!) and felt non-drying.

Swoon for Blooms

MAC Swoon for Blooms Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolor is a bright coral-orange with warm undertones and a satin sheen. It had a glossier finish than most of the shades I’ve tried in this formula, but it wore down to a soft matte finish after about a half hour. The texture was lightweight, spreadable, and velvety, but it was thinner and more emollient than the other shades in the collection. It provided mostly opaque color coverage in a single layer, wore well for five hours, and felt neither drying nor hydrating.

Rhythm ‘n’ Roses

MAC Rhythm ‘n’ Roses Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolor is a rich, darker reddish-copper with warm undertones and a satin finish. It had little bits of silicone on my lips that I couldn’t feel (even when I pressed them together), but they were slightly visible in the close-up photos. It had an opaque color payoff in a single layer, and it was best to use only one side of the applicator or wipe off some excess because the texture was very smooth, spreadable, and velvety. It stayed on well for five and a half hours and didn’t feel dry.