MAC Light Star-Dipped Face Compact Review & Swatches



MAC Light Star-Dipped Face Compact is a new, limited edition quad that features two blushes and two highlighters, all of which are in the Extra Dimension formula. All four shades had semi-opaque (or greater) pigmentation, had smooth, denser consistencies, and applied and blended out beautifully on my skin.

The key to working with this formula is understanding that they tend to be a bit denser, firmer, so they work better with a moderate hand and moderately dense brushes to pick up product evenly. The result is a powder that melts into the skin and never looks powdery or caked on.

The Extra Dimension formula is marketed as having 10-hour wear, and while these had good wear–eight to nine hours–they weren’t quite full 10-hour wear, but there was certainly some product left at the 10-hour mark.

Dipped in Stars

Dipped in Stars is a brighter, medium pink with subtle, warm undertones and a luminous sheen. It had opaque pigmentation with a smooth, moderately dense consistency. This type of formula pairs better with a moderately dense blush (a typical blush brush with a moderate hand should work fine) over anything really feathery as it has a firmer press.

The trade-off with the firmness is that the powder itself applies almost effortlessly and blends the color as it is applied; it wasn’t stiff or difficult to pick up or to blend out, though. The powder looks “melted” on for a seamless, luminous finish. It wore well for eight and a half hours before fading noticeably on me.

Sippin’ on Stars

Sippin’ on Stars is a soft, medium coral with warm, orange undertones and a luminous finish. It had excellent color payoff paired with a smooth, dense consistency that wasn’t too firmly pressed that it became difficult to pick up with a brush but it didn’t have any powderiness to contend with.

The blush applied evenly to bare skin and blended out seamlessly along the edges without emphasizing my skin’s natural texture. It stayed on well for nine hours before fading a bit on my skin.

Show Gold

Show Gold has an almost translucent, yellowy-peach base with flecks of gold-to-pink shifting sparkle. It has a more sparkling finish, so you’ll want to be someone who likes some sparkle and glitter in their highlights to enjoy the finish to its fullest.

There was a subtle shift that’s noticeable in person, and it became more noticeable when layered with slightly deeper blush hues. The texture felt smooth to the touch, firm without being stiff in the pan, and blended out with ease on my skin. It lasted well for nine hours on me with slight sparkle migration over time.


Hi-Sequincy is a bright, white gold with subtle, peachy-gold shimmer and a luminous sheen. The highlighter had opaque color coverage in a single layer, which was easy to dial down a the firmer texture made it easier to just use a lighter hand to pick up less product if desired.

The consistency felt smooth to the touch, more firmly-pressed in the pan so there was no powderiness, but it picked up well dry brushes and applied evenly to bare skin. The highlighter blended out beautifully along the edges and didn’t emphasize my skin’s natural texture. It wore nicely for eight and a half hours on me before fading a bit.