MAC Hypnotizing Holiday Powerpoint Pencils

Copper Field

MAC Copper Field Powerpoint Eyeliner is a medium-dark red with strong, warm orange undertones and truer red pearl throughout. It had semi-sheer color payoff in a single layer, which was buildable to mostly opaque coverage with three layers. The texture had a lot of glide, which made it harder to deposit color evenly, though it wasn’t a “wet” glide so it didn’t settle into fine lines readily. It wore well for eight hours before fading visibly.

Mistletoe Mint

MAC Mistletoe Mint Powerpoint Eyeliner is a light green with subtle, cool undertones and a matte finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation, which did not apply evenly and tended to get pushed around–making it appear even more uneven–when layered, so it was hard to apply it with any precision. The consistency was denser, almost too much glide, even if it didn’t tug. It lasted for six hours before fading noticeably.

Snow Way

MAC Snow Way Powerpoint Eyeliner is a pale white with subtle, warm undertones and a pearly sheen. It had semi-sheer coverage that was buildable to medium pigmentation. The texture had glide without being overly emollient, so it didn’t tug on my lash line nor did it settle into fine lines. It stayed on decently for six and a half hours on me.

You Tricked Me

MAC You Tricked Me Powerpoint Eyeliner is a deep, reddish-plum base with contrasting, violet purple pearl. It had medium pigmentation in a single layer, which was somewhat buildable, but it was incredibly unevenly in actual coverage but even in the texture, which was raised and chunky in places. The texture was firmer, stiffer, and tugged somewhat on my lower lash line when I tried it. This shade wore decently for seven hours before fading visibly.

Yule Never Know

MAC Yule Never Know Powerpoint Eyeliner is a medium-dark gray with neutral-to-cool undertones and moderate, lighter silver pearl. It had semi-opaque pigmentation in a single layer, but it had a drier texture that was prone to pushing product around, so as I tried to apply the eyeliner and either overlapped the strokes (for better coverage) or attempted to even out coverage, the product moved around and thickened in places, leading to more unevenness. There were signs of fading after six and a half hours of wear.