MAC Humblebrag, Samoa Silk, Libra, Nude Model, Left You on Red Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches



MAC Humblebrag Eyeshadow is a very light lavender with subtle, cool undertones and flecks of cooler pink micro-sparkle. The texture was soft, moderately powdery, and a little drier to the touch, so it was more prone to fallout and didn’t adhere as well to bare skin.

I’d definitely recommend wearing this with a primer, which helped the product to go on more readily. It had medium coverage that was buildable to semi-opaque coverage but came with a fair amount of fallout in the process. It stayed on well for seven hours before fading noticeably.

Samoa Silk

MAC Samoa Silk Eyeshadow is a brighter, yellowed orange with strong,w arm undertones and a matte finish. It had nearly opaque pigmentation that was buildable to full coverage with less than half of a layer on top.

It had a velvety consistency that was smooth, not too firmly pressed but it wasn’t powdery either, so while it blended out with ease, I didn’t have issues with fallout. There was slight fading after eight hours of wear.

The texture seemed slightly richer with the reformulation–more substantial–and the color a touch richer as a result.


MAC Libra Eyeshadow is a deep pink with strong, warm undertones and a pearly sheen. It had rich color coverage that applied beautifully to bare skin with an even layer of product that blended out easily along the edges but didn’t sheer out too readily.

The texture was smooth, soft, and lightly creamy without being powdery nor too firmly pressed into the pan. It wore well for eight hours before fading noticeably.

Nude Model

MAC Nude Model Eyeshadow is a medium-dark taupe with moderate, warm undertones and a metallic finish. It had nearly opaque pigmentation in a single layer, which applied well to bare skin with a smooth, even lay down of color.

The texture was smooth, lightly creamy and felt more emollient than past MAC eyeshadows, but it wasn’t too slippery (sometimes silicone-heavy eyeshadows end up going on unevenly or bunching up). This shade lasted well for eight hours before fading a bit.

Left You on Red

MAC Left You on Red Eyeshadow is a medium red with strong, warm orange undertones and slightly less warm-toned shimmer and sparkle. It had semi-opaque color coverage that was buildable to full coverage with a second layer.

The texture was smooth, firmer but not stiff to work with, so the color adhered well to bare skin but wasn’t prone to sheering out too readily. It stayed on nicely for eight hours with slight fallout over time.