MAC Gonna Love Me & Save Ya Tears Hunny Lipglasses Reviews & Swatches


Gonna Love Me

MAC Gonna Love Me Lipglass is a light-medium coral with moderate, warm undertones and a smattering of blue and pink pearl. It had good color payoff in a single layer, but it was harder to apply evenly as the milkier color was prone to streaking and pulling into my deeper lip lines.

The formula felt smooth, spreadable, and moderately tacky with a thicker consistency, though it didn’t feel heavy to wear. It lasted well for four and a half hours and felt hydrating over time.

Save Ya Tears Hunny

MAC Save Ya Tears Hunny Lipglass is a brighter, medium lavender with warmer, pink undertones and cooler, violet and pink pearl throughout. The color payoff was medium to semi-opaque with even, shimmer dispersion.

The gloss felt moderately tacky, though not too heavy (but definitely a plusher, thicker formula) that spread easily across my lips. There was some product that settled into my lip lines, but it did not seem very visible in person, thankfully. It stayed on nicely for five hours and felt moisturizing over time.