MAC Get the Hint & Sweet Deal Lipsticks

Get the Hint

MAC Get the Hint Lipstick has a satin finish and is a medium-dark pink with subtle warm undertones. It had a silky, lightly creamy texture that was slightly dense but not overly thick, so it glided across my lips smoothly and didn’t separate along my deeper lip lines while providing full color coverage. However, I would recommend exfoliating before applying this shade, as it has the potential to highlight lip texture. It felt non-drying and stayed on for four and a half hours.

Sweet Deal

Sweet Deal is a darker, muted pink with neutral-to-warm undertones and a semi-matte finish from MAC. It had a richly pigmented, lightly creamy consistency that was initially a little dense and firmer in the tube, but softened up with frequent use. The color applied evenly to my lips, but it was more prone to emphasizing lip texture, so good lip prep is advised before using this product. It lasted for four and a half hours and did not feel dry.