MAC Asterisk & Destined for Stardom Kissing Stars Lipstick Reviews & Swatches



MAC Asterisk Kissing Stars Lipstick has a blackened purple base with a mixture of bluish-violet, purple, and lighter blue sparkle and glitter throughout. It was appalling bad in application, and it lived up to… none of its claims; it didn’t evenly distribute color, it wasn’t opaque, and the texture was smooth.


Destined for Stardom

MAC Destined for Stardom Kissing Stars Lipstick has a sheer, almost translucent base with a moderate amount of both finer and larger particle iridescent sparkle and glitter. It translated into more of a bluish-silver effect with multi-colored flecks of sparkle at certain angles. If you needed to cast the most dastardly villain in a beauty-themed movie, this might be the candidate.

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