M.M.Y.P puts his command on the rap/ rock industry with his powerful new creation ‘Good God’

Rapper M.M.Y.P shoots up in his rap game as he releases the most lit summer song of this season ‘Good God’ that essentially uplifts his rank in the industry. Mississippi born rapper M.M.Y.P has unleashed his true potential by keeping it slow yet steady since the first time he joined a rap group to disclose his artistry. With several years of sharpening his skill, the born to stand out rapper has finally released his unique style in the form of a new song titled ‘Good God’. What consumed me in listening to his track on repeat is the psexadelitonic music that is rare of its kind. I’ve been an avid listener of rap music, but this confident personality has washed off all my previous exposures with his appealing dynamics and extremely catchy voice. The track has everything mixed in the right proportion, psychedelic thumping beats, a melodious yet power-packed voice, engaging lyrics, and a rock-solid rhythm section.

After carefully listening to his craft, I couldn’t stop getting addicted to his gripping voice. ‘Good God’ sounds as the perfect rap/rock cross over that we all have waited for and M.M.Y.P innocently has satisfied us with his enjoyable groove and heavily influencing core. He drives his taste from George Clinton, OutKast, prince, pimp c, Pharrell, and is currently working on his next project, Psex City. Listen to all his tracks on Spotify and YouTube, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more current updates.

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