Luxury Stores In New York

Countless visitors travel to New York to visit its Luxury Stores No surprise there, after all, the city is the epitome of indulgence and refinement. From high-end furniture stores to fashion boutiques, New York is the diamond of unique design!

Roman & Williams Guild

Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors is a New York-based design studio known for their work on hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, homes, product design and, most recently, cultural work. The Guild is their store and it’s not just one other store on the map. The Guild was designed to change the way one thinks of decor and luxury stores. There you will be able not only to have access to exclusive and beautiful furniture and homeware, but you’ll also be able to relax and enjoy some time at their café, La Mercerie. That is why we believe that The Guild is a true luxury store.

Maison Goyard

Maison Goyard has history, and you can feel it once you enter their permanent home on East 63rd Street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The luxury store perfectly combines the Parisian style and the New York glamour and charm. The space doesn’t look like a normal store, it’s almost residential, except for all the refined leathery goods inside. Walking through Maison Goyard is like stepping on to a different time. It’s not only about the products, but about the experience. New York luxury at its best!


Bulgari’s store on the Fifth Avenue is a piece of art. It goes beyond what one would expect from a luxury store.  Renewed by Peter Marino, an amazing artchitect and interior designer, the space exudes history and glamour. Occupying a corner place in the iconic Crown Building, the store’s new crisscrossed and rosette-studded façade is a true stopper. The marble-trimmed, glass-encased entry is a replica of the brand’s flagship in Rome. Inside, the store continues to wonder, as it combines what there is best about Italian Classic interior design and the New York essence! Bulgari New York is the pinnacle of refinement.

Creel and Gow

From minerals to taxidermy, Creel and Gow is a mysterious and fascinating place to visit. The store’s unique design is almost as intriguing as the products themselves. An exotic escape from the glamorous New York city life. The objects they present come from all over the world. A true feast for travelers and collectors.  Creel and Gow is unique and exclusive!

Tiffany & Co

The iconic store has been dazzling shoppers from the same Fifth Avenue location since 1940. Undertaking renovations at the moment, which are expected to be done by 2021, the six floored building showcases the best in the jewelry, gifts and accessories world. Tiffany & Co. is almost a New York monument and a must stop for all the visitors. This landmark is the synonym for luxury store! Really! Look it up!


The home of Chanel New York is, naturally, on 57th Street. Designed by architect Peter Marino, the boutique is the largest of the brand’s stores in the United States. The shop exudes luxury and refinement as it offers a wide range of limited-edition articles and historic pieces. History, glamour, and luxury all in one place. This Chanel store is not only architecturally fascinating, but also an amazing example of luxury interior design. A must see for all fashion and design lovers!

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman is a luxury department store located in the one and only Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City.  Featured in many films and documentaries, the store is not only a great feast for the eyes and soul, but a cultural landmark. A place where visitors and locals can enjoy what it as to give as well as appreciate all its beautiful features. Bergdorf Goodman is true New York luxury!

Saint Laurent

Located in the one and only, 57th Street, this Saint Laurent flagship store showcases luxury in all its forms. The boutique echoes in its corners the sophistication and strong presence of the iconic luxury brand. Black and white dominate the atmosphere as the vitrines fill with color and truly marvelous design pieces.