Luxury Fashion Brands Release Chinese New Year Capsule Collections

Buying new clothing for the new year is an age-old ritual celebrated during the yearly Spring Festival. As with many time-honored traditions, people cherish the symbolic meanings behind them since it emphasizes the concept of change and leaving the “old” behind. Also, who doesn’t want to look well and create a good impression in the new year? From Gucci, Fendi to Dolce & Gabbana and Dior, here are several Chinese New Year capsule collections to get you started in the Year of the Rabbit appropriately.


Gucci‘s Chinese New Year capsule collection is a fun take on the year’s zodiac: rabbit, with an eclectic mix of colors, designs, and accents. A handpicked selection of silk blouses and graphic shirts with striking geometric prints in clashing colors can be found across the Italian label’s men’s and women’s collections, as well as a special edition of its classic handbags like the Gucci Diana totes and Horsebit 1955 shoulder bags.

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Fendi focuses on reinterpreting Marc Jacobs’ Fendi Roma insignia in red and white for this year’s Lunar New Year collection. The new color scheme is intended to bring “good fortune and joy” in the coming year. The emblem is emblazoned on the front and all over the ready-to-wear pieces, from the knitted outfit of skirts, sweaters, and iconic bags such as the Baguette. Marc Jacobs’ interpretation of the Fendi Roman emblem appears on sweatshirts, tracksuits, and buttoned cardigans for guys. To round up the capsule collection, the Fendi Flow and Fendi Match shoes are reimagined in auspicious red and white hues.

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This year, Dolce&Gabbana‘s Lunar New Year capsule collection returns to nature. The limited-edition release is inspired by animals and flora, specifically the rabbit and daffodil.  “The Special Collection sees the rabbit and daffodils, which are symbols of spring and renaissance, as key elements, giving a new take on limitless vitality,” the brand explains.

Featuring three tones of black, pink and blush pink, the zodiac of the year is printed on a variety of shirts, dresses, skirts and accessories. Surrounding the rabbit are flowery components, and these blossoming accents are also featured on heeled sandals and scarves. Dolce&Gabbana introduces the new Portofino shoes with bunny embellishments, which the company describes as a reference to delicacy and intimacy.

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At Dior, its Lunar New Year collection across men’s and women’s hearken to Mr Dior’s love of gardens and the colour red, who considered it as “the colour of life”. Kim Jones joins with ERL to present a collection inspired by the Water Hare at the former. The zodiac patch is available in an enormous version on knit sweaters, shirts, shorts, and denim combinations. The B27 Low Top shoes, B23 sneakers, quilted Dior Oblique Mirage, and Saddle Venice Bag all feature the famous animal.

The capsule also includes the Jardin Magique, a print commemorating the year of the Rabbit in 2023, in the women’s line. The mesmerizing design, inspired by the beautiful gardens featured in the classic “Alice in Wonderland,” appears on denim jackets, silk t-shirts, and cashmere sweaters.

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