Lumin’s Essential Line of Skin, Body and Hair Products For Men

While skin health as a concept is perceived differently in every country, skin management for men is universally lacking and underserved. Born from the knowledge that men don’t have a multitude of great options when it comes to looking after themselves, one brand has dedicated itself to delivering luxury quality, and easy to use products at affordable prices. Established amidst a growing community of emerging male-oriented skincare brands, the California-based founders of Lumin went through exceptional lengths to differentiate and elevate.

Developing formulas in South Korea, the heart of global skincare innovation, that uniquely benefit the thicker and more stubborn skin constructs of men, with only the ingredients needed and none of the excess, Lumin offers a variety of simple yet personalised products for the everyday man. Curated by experts, Lumin’s essential line of skin, body and hair products for men, work to tackle all self-care issues from head to toe. Promising quality skin management with minimal commitment of 90 seconds per day, Lumin utilizes only the most beneficial and natural ingredients such as –

Ginger root extract which helps to fight free radicals that age you prematurely and even out skin tone with hyper-effective antioxidants,

Charcoal which suctions out dirt and impurities from pores that can cause break-outs and premature aging,

Shea butter which is high in fatty acids making it an effective hydrating and softening agent. Contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties,

Rosemary extract which prevents and improves breakouts due to antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties,

Green tea extract which reduces skin inflammation and soothes skin due to the presence of polyphenols,

Argan Oil which boosts elasticity and repairs sun damage due to the oil’s high vitamin E content,

and Pomegranate extract which is rich in antioxidants that work to defend against puffiness, fine lines, and signs of early aging, amongst a multitude of others.

Categorised into three main solution-oriented brackets, Lumin presents a distinct collection of products for maintenance, management, and correction. Their Classic Maintenance Set equips men with the necessary tools to boost overall skin health through providing a deep cleanse of pores and soothing hyperpigmented and irritated skin. The set thus includes a moisturizing balm, charcoal cleanser, and exfoliating rub.

Subsequently its Age Management Set is a targeted age recovery program that restores and maintains one’s manly, vigorous look. Doing so by, providing overnight hydration, alongside under-eye and sun damage repair, the Age Management Set effortlessly evens skin tone and comes complete with a moisturizing balm, anti-wrinkle serum, and dark circle defence product.

Lastly, the Correction Trio Set targets unflattering dark circles, and hyperpigmentation, in order to liven and brighten one’s overall appearance, even during the most gruelling days. Complete with a moisturizing balm, dark circle defence product, and exfoliating rub, all Lumin products are available worldwide, either locally in the U.S., Netherlands, and Singapore, or via international shipping from their website.

In light of the holiday season, ‘tis indeed the time for giving, and Lumin’s got you covered on the ideal gift for all the deserving men in your life. Dubbed ‘The Complete Collection’, this skincare gift set boasts an entire range of products designed to perfectly maintain one’s youthful complexion. Paired with a Deluxe Microfiber Washcloth and a premium case for storage, the Complete Collection addresses all of the classic skincare concerns, including acne scar appearance reduction, clogged pores, dark circles under the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone imbalances, dryness, and much more.