Lululemon’s New Selfcare Line Is the Answer to All Your Sweaty Post-Workout Woes

Image: Courtesy of Lululemon

Lululemon is known for its stylish workout gear, but the brand is branching out. The athletic retailer just expanded into the beauty industry by releasing a line of self-care products featuring deodorant, dry shampoo, face moisturizer and lip balm.

Lululemon Selfcare deodorant.

Lululemon Selfcare Anti-Stink Deodorant Aloe Lotus, $18 at Lululemon

The appropriately named Selfcare line was created to erase any traces of sweaty gym sessions so you can head straight to your post-workout activities. Its dry shampoo and deodorants allow you to skip showering when you’re in a hurry, while the balm and moisturizer hydrate your lips and face respectively. And almost all of them also come in travel size, making them easy to stash in your gym bag.

Lululemon Selfcare moisturizer.

Lululemon Selfcare Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer, $48 at Lululemon

In order to create a collection of dependable after-gym essentials, Lululemon tested its products on athletes rather than animals. Free of known irritants like aluminum, gluten, parabens and sulfates, every product in the line relies on a combo of natural ingredients and technology-driven synthetics.

Lululemon Selfcare balm.

Lululemon Selfcare Basic Balm, $14 at Lululemon

Selfcare is available in Lululemon stores, on the brand’s website and at Sephora.