Lucille Croft x BRVMES just unleashed their brooding new single ,“Misery” ft. TINYKVT

Lucille Croft and BRVMES just unleashed their brooding new single “Misery” featuring TINYKVT. A synthesis of ethereal soundscapes and alluring vocals, “Misery” is a mesmerizing, bass-driven expression of malevolent temptations. The collaboration hits in instinctive ways considering both producers are drawn to the darker side of dance music — and marks Lucille’s first 2021 release.

The song harnesses sinister energy and slow, deliberate aggression with sounds that cut through like a knife. Eerie synths and industrial elements build intrigue as TINYKVT’s haunting vocals match track’s intention: Come with me / We can play / I’ll take you down / Where the sickness lays. Lucille Croft and BRVMES consistently turn heads with their electrifying productions and together they’re an unstoppable force. “Misery” may take your mind to places it dare not go, but that’s also part of its allure. Listen here to our latest obsession and connect with all artists involved below!


Lucille Croft x BRVMES – Misery (ft. TINYKVT)