Luca Lush Drops Funky New Single That Is All Vibes, “Not Your Baby”

Luca Lush has gone full early-2000s Fall Out Boy with his new song, entitled “I Slept With Luca Lush And All I Got Was This Stupid Song About Me (Not Your Baby).” For the sake of brevity, and my own sanity, I’m just going to call it “Not Your Baby,” as seen in the title — that being said, if every letter in the title corresponded to how good the song was, then yeah, I’m using the full title every time.

“Not Your Baby” starts with some sultry vocals from Cappa paired with an intensely funky and catchy bassline that feels more like an ’80s funk record than an end-of-the-decade EDM bop. But that’s sort of the magic of Luca Lush anyway, his ability to fuse styles and make something good no matter where he starts. Check it out below, out now via Thrive Music.

Photo via Eric Dew