Love Regenerator (Calvin Harris) x Eli Brown Drop Infectious ‘Moving’ EP [LISTEN]

Love Regenerator (Calvin Harris) x Eli Brown just dropped a 2-track EP that house lovers will freak over. The Moving EP features title track “Moving” and “Don’t You Want Me,” as well as edits of each. Both productions are built for the dancefloor — even if that means just getting down in your living room. In 2020, Love Regenerator’s consistent releases have been well received by dance music fans everywhere and this collaboration is no exception. The newly formed project by Calvin Harris takes it back to his house roots, feeding off nostalgic, feel good energy. Add Eli Brown in the mix and Love Regenerator sounds more dynamic than ever.

Harris, real name Adam Wiles, previously dished on the new project: “I am now solely in the business, and have been for the last four years, of making music to make me feel good in the hope that it makes other people feel as good, or even just a little bit as good and improves their day.” Mission accomplished. Listen to the Moving EP right here and let us know if you’re loving it!

Love Regenerator x Eli Brown – Moving EP

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