Love Ghost makes the new song ‘I’ll be “fine”‘ about the anxiety and fear of alienation among the teens

The edge-cutting rock band Love Ghost composed the rock track ‘I’ll be “fine”’ in myriad notes of hip hop and rock that could not be more specific about inner solace than this. Busking in the afterglow of the fast fame received for the incredible success of the debut single ‘Let It All Burn’ on Spotify, the L.A based rock band has come with another thought-provoking single ‘I’ll be “fine”in all its unifying colors of rock and popping trap sound. With this song, the band sheds some usual spunks in order to look more mature with their new composition and the choice of subject for the song. The lead singer and guitarist of the post-millennial phenomenon, Finnegan Bell makes it all about the hearts and daggers that the young generation goes through ending in self-destructiveness and suicidal thoughts.

The Danny Saber (The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, the Charlatans, and Public Enemy) produced the new single ‘I’ll be “fine”’ that is the anthem for Mental Health Awareness Month. Love Ghost captures the worst of both worlds while dealing with loneliness and isolation as the ubiquitous feeling deep down our chest standing in 2020 and the heart-wrenching situation created by the unstoppable pandemic that is forcing the world to a standstill. The constant distancing and increasing bigotry is the only outcome of the dreading COVID-19 infection that has forced everyone to fall deep into the dark chasm of alienation that makes it more difficult to restore the solace in life.

By winning many awards {Best Alternative Rock Band (Hollywood Music in Media Award), The Jean Luc Goddard Award (a yearly award from Cult Critic Magazine for setting records in the past)}, the band has become more than female fan-frenzied boy band of America. The bandmates took a pledge to fight against the anxiety and alienated feeling that crumbles our heavy hearts and help the society to dissipate depression by promoting mental health awareness. This is a serious issue among all age groups that increase the numbers of death in the US due to self-destruction that occur as a result of depression. Follow them on their website including all the social media and digital stores.

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