Louis Vuitton First Eco-Friendly Unisex Limited-Edition Sneaker, The Charlie Sneaker

Louis Vuitton has launched its first eco-friendly unisex sneaker, the Charlie Sneaker. The limited-edition sneakers, available in low- and high-top styles, are made of 90 per cent sustainable materials. The kicks feature a white upper crafted from a smooth and grained synthetic material, which is produced from recycled polyester and a layer of Biopolioli — a corn-based plastic. Its insoles and lining are crafted from recycled polyurethane and polyester.

The back of the unisex sneakers, its tongue patch, and LV logo are all made with Econyl regenerated nylon constructed from nylon waste. The Charlie Sneaker also features soles made of 94 per cent recycled rubber, allowing shock absorption while adhering to LV’s classic design cues.

Image: Louis Vuitton

The brand’s sustainable initiative carries right down to its packaging. Louis Vuitton redesigned its traditional packaging for the new launch, eliminating 70 per cent of materials for the unisex sneakers’ final wrapping. The Charlie Sneaker is housed in a shoebox made up of recycled cardboard, which can double up as a bag.

Although Louis Vuitton’s offer of sustainable products is still small, these sneakers signal a significant move for the brand in terms of eco-responsibility. The kicks represent an important milestone in the brand’s sustainable development plan, ‘Our Committed Journey’. Facets of this sprawling plan include ‘sourcing responsibly’, ‘acting on climate change’, ‘fostering diversity and inclusion’, ‘supporting communities’ and more.

Available in low and high-top styles, these unisex sneaks will be retailing at US$1,080 and US$1,130 respectively.