Louis The Child Speak Out After Fans Litter At Red Rocks Show

Louis the Child are speaking out after fans littered the ground at their Red Rocks show. Photo and video of the mess has circulated online, sparking an outcry for music fans visiting the venue to leave no trace. As one person on Reddit explains, “there was a garbage and recycling bin not even a yard away and people still threw their trash everywhere.”

“This has to stop,” Louis the Child writes in another post below. “If you’re coming to our shows please clean up after yourself.”

The images below expose the mess — primarily cans and plastic containers — left on the ground. With an outdoor venue as beautiful and sacred as Red Rocks, this is especially difficult to see happening at an EDM show. Let this be a lesson for all of us. When attending Red Rocks, or any other venue for that matter, please lead by example and discard items in the appropriate trash/recycling bins. Not only does this help protect the environment, but makes for a more enjoyable music experience for all.

Louis The Child Urge Fans To Clean Up

Photo via Rukes.com