Louis Futon Continues His Sophomore Album Rollout With A Double Single Release Tracks, “ Re-Up ” & “ Amoeba ”

Louis Futon continues his sophomore album rollout with a double single release, introducing the tracks “Re-Up” & “Amoeba”.  Futon has noted that this upcoming LP will feature an eclectic mix of sounds and styles, and these two tracks showcase just that. “Re-Up”, a collaboration with Armani White, infuses melodic chord loops with rap & hip-hop to create a darker tone that Futon had a blast exploring. On the B-side, “Amoeba” is heavily influenced by Futon’s use of marijuana; this track takes the listener on a journey, with a mix of jazzy rhythms, guitar chords, and a more ambient style of EDM there is no telling where this track will take you next. Couchsurfing is set to release November 12th, so until then stream the tracks below!

Louis Futon – “Re-Up” & “Amoeba”