Los Angeles-Based Czinger Teases The 21C 3D-Printed Hybrid Hypercar

Unveiled with a series of bold claims, the official detail release of the upcoming Czinger 21C hybrid hypercar threatens to put an entire industry of high-end performance vehicles to shame. Boasting unparalleled performance, the Los Angeles-based company teased its latest crowning glory ahead of schedule.

Set for an official global debut at the Geneva International Motor Show from 5th to 15th March 2020 and a press conference on 3rd March, the Czinger 21C hybrid supercar was designed, developed, engineered and manufactured locally from the ground up, by what the company describes as, 21st century artisans.

Representing a paradigm shift in the way performance vehicles are conceived, the advanced video preview pictured the Czinger 21C against a Californian backdrop, drawing attention to the car’s strong hybrid powertrain, in-line seating configuration and distinct design lines.

Utilizing a cutting-edge chassis and bespoke structuring, the Czinger 21C incorporates pioneering high-performance components such as an ICE engine that combines 3D-printing and computer-controlled machining.

With an expected horsepower of over 1,250, the sturdy Czinger 21C hybrid weighs an estimated 1179.34kg. Fueled by a 2.88 liter, twin-turbo flat-plane crank V8 engine, the hypercar’s rear wheels operate through a seven-speed paddle-shift transmission with a driver-controlled software, and a torque-vectoring electric motor which powers each front wheel. Travelling at astronomical speeds, the Czinger 21C bolts a quarter mile in under 8.1 seconds and can accelerate from 0 to 62MPH in 1.9 seconds.

While Czinger has yet to reveal further information, the 21C hybrid hypercar is predominantly made in-house, with a production currently limited to 80 examples.