Looking Back At The Musical Evolution Of Avicii Two Years After His Death

No matter how much time passes, it will still feel weird and horribly unfair and tragic that Avicii died on April 20, 2018. Even just two years after his death, the electronic music landscape, and the musical landscape in general now in the face of COVID-19, has shifted dramatically. A small consolation in his death, many other DJs began examining their own mental health and unsustainable touring schedules with a more critical view. Many have taken time off or changed the way they approach their jobs in order to not only give the fans their best every time, but also save themselves from burning out too soon.

Now, two years after Avicii’s death, not much more can be said than already has in the past 24 months. Instead, we choose to look back at the evolution of Avicii’s music since his eruption onto the scene in 2008 through to his posthumous album TIM, released in 2019.

Watch below. RIP Avicii, 1989-2018.

Photo via Sean Eriksson