Look Fierce at the Gym With These Leopard Activewear Pieces

Leopard is one of those patterns women love and men hate and yet it has become a classic, not unlike Breton stripes or polka dots. It never really goes out of style because it has transcended trends. That said, the leopard we’re seeing hitting influential athleisure retailers like Carbon38 and Bandier isn’t your run-of-the-mill pattern. These days prints are offered in unique colorways, come bedazzled or mixed with colorblocking and more.

“Even though it’s a print, leopard has found a way to remain an evergreen neutral because it allows for so many ways to mix and match,” says Zara Terez Tisch, founder and CEO of Terez. “For us specifically, we wanted to bring a playfulness to the leopard print so we created rainbow foil around the spots and abstracted the leopard spots in different sizes and colors.”

While it’s a classic print that seems to always have a place in fashion, YogaOutlet.com head buyer Liz Nykamp notes that it does “pulse from being on the forefront of trends available in various colors to being a core print available in the traditional colorway.” She goes on to explain that there are trends within the leopard look. “I’m seeing leopard mixed with camo and tropical prints, for example.”

Bandier Founder and CEO Jennifer Bandier adds that “leopard within colorblocking is always fun. We’re also seeing a lot of mixed prints, like leopard with florals.” As for how to style it, when in doubt, start small. “Pair a leopard print bra or sneaker with black leggings to dip your toe into the trend. You can always use black solids to ground any loud print, but if you’re feeling it, go for the full look!”