LondonBridge Drops The Hottest Nursery Rhyme House Song You’ve Ever Heard [NEW SINGLE]

Nursery rhyme meets jacking house with this new single from LondonBridge — and we’re all about it! “What Goes Up Must Come Down” features the producer’s own vocal and production stylings, projecting a soulful, dance-ready vibe. LondonBridge drops in the hook and an addictive bassline, and it’s all over. Suddenly, we’re caught in this loop: What Goes Up / Must Come Down / Baby You Can Hear The Sound.

The track’s sole purpose is to make you dance — and, really, there’s no better kind of music than that.

In his own words, LondonBridge describes the single:

I wanted to make a song that was like a nursery rhyme. Something you could sing along to after hearing it a few times. What goes up is the perfect representation of where i’m at as an artists these days. I like to make records that anyone can like no matter what kind of music they are into.

As a co-founder of Space Yacht, LA’s hottest underground party, LondonBridge continues to make multifaceted impact on the scene. Listen to his latest right here.

LondonBridge – What Goes Up Must Come Down