Listen to the Latest from Alok and Everyone You Know, “Kids on Whizz”

2020 was the year of Alok, and it looks like 2021 is shaping up to be another huge year for the Brazilian superstar. Behind a steady stream of releases and a heavy presence on livestreams, Alok rose all the way up to # 5 on the DJ Mag Top 100. He’s already dropped a couple of tracks this year, and now, he’s teamed up with UK duo Everyone You Know (EYK) for “Kids on Whizz.” The rework of EYK’s track “Charlie” is a smooth dancefloor track with a deep and alluring vibe.

“Kids on Whizz” opens with deep and glossy synths, Rhys of EYK lays down some smooth vocals as we get treated to some of Alok’s trademark deep bass lines. The song maintains its groove with a slinky guitar lick being played in the background. The drop is a smooth mix of Brazilian bass and sexy synth rhythms. “Kids on Whizz” will have you yearning to be drinking your favorite cocktail and swaying to the music on the dancefloor. (Which you can still do safely at home!). As you can tell from what each artist had to say, there’s a lot of mutual admiration going on.

“I fell in love with EYK’s track ‘Charlie’ from the first time I heard it. Straight away I had an idea in my head and thought that I could add my own flavour to the track to give it a different spin. I was very excited to get started and love how the finished track turned out, I think it fuses our styles perfectly and I hope people enjoy it.” – Alok

“When we released ‘Charlie’ we never in a million years thought someone with as much weight and clout as Alok would reach out to rework the track. It’s quite surreal and still hasn’t fully sunk in that we’re working with Alok, nonetheless we’re absolutely buzzing to get this out and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” – EYK

Listen to the latest from Alok and Everyone You Know, “Kids on Whizz” out now on Sony UK. Enjoy Alok’s “Alive” livestream he did for Insomniac too.