Listen To The Debut Album From Armin van Buuren & Benno de Goeij’s GAIA

gaia armin van buuren

Photo via Bart Heemskerk

There are few producers left who began more than a decade ago who can still command a room quite like Armin van Buuren. Apart from both his wildly successful label, Armada, and radio show, A State Of Trance, Armin has produced under another, more storied alias called GAIA with his production partner Benno de Goeij since 2006. However, even after working together for 13 years, today, marks the launch of the long-awaited, debut GAIA album Moons Of Jupiter. The album was only just announced last week and immediately had fans anxious for the release, proving the lasting power of one of dance music’s greatest legends.

Their first-ever album, Moons Of Jupiter, proves to fans music doesn’t have any boundaries. It’s made for music-fanatics who have learned to listen between the lines, which shines through in their unique live shows as they take listeners on a journey out of this world and into a new one exploring the universe that GAIA so thoughtfully created. Chances are you’ll find out that everything is connected beautifully one way or another. The music is created in a harmonious continuous loop, designed to be listened together as a beautiful story being told.

Armin van Buuren: “Throughout the years, we created a variety of synths, beats and loops that were more underground and not always usable for my sound and genre. We always had so much fun exploring different genres and charting different loops and sounds that we felt it was time to combine this under the name GAIA.”

Benno de Goeij: “We’ve really stepped out of our comfort zone, exploring both minimalist as well as complex sounds, creating track arrangements live on stage rather than in the studio. We even created our own hardware, giving us all the freedom to take people on the journey to the Moons Of Jupiter.”

Finally, after 13 years, fans can listen to the first-ever GAIA album, Moons Of Jupiter, below.