Listen To The Chainsmokers’ First Score On A Feature Film, “Words on Bathroom Walls”

The Chainsmokers score Words on Bathroom Walls alongside Andrew Hollander for the film’s dynamic, mostly original soundtrack. The 2020 well-being drama/romance stars Charlie Plummer and Taylor Russell — and The Chainsmokers certainly know how to set the tone for this love story. Although we haven’t seen the movie just yet, the soundtrack is deep and emotional in itself. The Chainsmokers have been taking some time to create their next chapter in music, TCS4. However, it seems they’ve also had time to experiment with side projects such as this. They’ve also taken a break from social media, but this soundtrack has warranted a retweet. Promo for the new movie boasts — “This summer, return to the theater for a love story you’ll never forget.”

Listen to The Chainsmokers like you’ve never heard them before and see Words on Bathroom Walls, out now.

Words on Bathroom Walls Soundtrack

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