Listen To Delta Heavy’s New Album, One Of This Year’s Best, A Day Early

Working in the music industry, and especially as a music blogger, it’s common for me to receive tracks, EPs, or even full albums early for review. Typically, these are sent to me perhaps days, or a week at most, in advance. I’ve had Delta Heavy’s new album, Only In Dreams, for three months. In that time, I’ve probably listened to it nearly once a day in full, if not at least a few tracks, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this album is one of the finest of the year.

Whereas Delta Heavy’s debut album, Paradise Lost in 2016, had no features and was relatively bright in tone and melody, Only In Dreams is a more true “album” in the sense of the word. Collaborations with Everyone You Know, Zeds Dead, Modestep, Muzzy, and more truly elevate the album and give it an extra dose of angst and replayability. There are also a lot of outside influences to be noticed on this album, like a taste of Nero on “Collide” or Pendulum (In Silico era) on “Anarchy.”

The addition of vocalists on Only In Dreams also just adds to the replayability of each song individually. Now, apart from the production, fans will have vocals to latch onto and remember — honestly there’s nothing like the crowd collectively yelling out the same lyrics at a show, vibing with the same energy, knowing you’re hearing your favorite song.

Delta Heavy manages to evolve and grow beyond their first album by leaps and bounds, keeping hold of their raw and pure sound, all while pushing it further. The rock and melodic elements incorporated in Only In Dreams, like in “Here With Me” and “Show Me The Light,” demonstrate an observable growth as artists that’s truly wonderful to see. From start to finish, the album hardly gives you any time to pause or take a break. It lets you catch your breath occasionally, sure, but never becomes boring or encourages you to walk away and listen to something else. It’s engaging, enthralling, and highly enjoyable.

“We have spent the last few years constantly writing and releasing music, trying to delve deeper into the sound created with our first album ‘Paradise Lost’. For this project we wanted to continue that but also add something new into the mix and have collaborated with a number of talented artists who we respect and have helped push us to explore new avenues. We have always been so inspired by so many different influences and styles of music and we have injected all of this into the album to convey our musical journey. ‘Only In Dreams’ is a snap shot of where we have found ourselves after all this work and we’re really excited for it to be released.” – Delta Heavy

Only In Dreams from Delta Heavy is out on Ram Records

Photo via KS Digital Media