LISTEN: Rising Artist Benny Mayne Unleashes Debut ‘SKELETONS’ EP

Toronto’s newest emerging star, Benny Mayne, has released his new 6-track EP ‘Skeletons’ via EMPIRE. Earlier this year, Benny Mayne impressed with ‘HOKEY POKEY,’ a single alongside eminent producer/songwriter Tyson Trax. On his latest project, Benny Mayne takes listeners through a rich listening experience, narrating the trials and tribulations of navigating his way through his fame-crazed life (“VEUVE CLICQUOT”). The 22-year-old prodigy emphasizes that this EP is an authentic attempt at self-awareness, reasoning with past toxic relationships in hindsight (“HURT ME”).

This trap-pop EP is raw and relatable, bringing listeners along through his Benny’s own experiences, aiming to make the audience feel less alone. Although ‘SKELETONS’ sheds light on the artist’s turbulent inner life, the EP is also lighthearted and carefree, as the story underlines the harmony between regaining fearlessness from a world of self-doubt. It is evident that R&B fans are satisfied with these highly-presumed indie releases.

Benny Mayne – SKELETONS EP