LISTEN: Flume Drops New 5-Track Mixtape for his Pet Goat


A few weeks ago, Flume posted the above picture on Instagram asking his fans to please give his three goat friends a follow – who all had their own newly-created accounts. Since then, fans have speculated what this might mean, and now we finally have an answer: Flume is empowering his own goats to pursue music careers of their own.

Today we’ve received the debut mixtape of “totesmgoats1,” a 5-track project that you can stream on Soundcloud below. His style is quite similar to his owner’s, but that’s to be expected when you’re around Flume so often and oh yeah, you’re an actual goat. Will @cutegoatguyyy and @hayfanatic69 be following up with projects of their own? Find out on the next episode of “We can’t believe this is a real article we’re writing.”

GØAT TAPE V1 | Stream

via Runthetrap

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