LISTEN: Drake & DJ Khaled Collaborate Once Again, Releasing Two New Singles ‘POPSTAR’ & ‘GREECE’

As promised, DJ Khaled & Drake have finally broken the silence, dropping two new singles for the first time in three years since collaborating together on ‘To The Max’. These two music industry moguls are giving fans a flavor for what is to come on DJ Khaled’s highly-anticipated upcoming album, a project in which the release date has yet to be announced.

It is foreseeable that DJ Khaled’s upcoming album is probable to go platinum, as he is currently the only hip hop/rap artist to earn three back-to -back RIAA certified platnum albums in the past four years. Khaled also has had three Billboard Hot 100 No.1 hits in the past two years, generating high standards for every single he continues to drop. Both influential artists have won multiple Grammy Awards, including the song ‘For Free’ that the duo collaborated on together back in 2016.

The pair’s frequency, sonics, and overall rhythm inevitably make magic when in the studio together, leading fans to believe that these songs have great radio potential. A mixture between DJ Khaled’s signature sounds and Drake’s vocals have fans itching for a confirmed album release date.

DJ Khaled – POPSTAR (Feat. Drake) 

DJ Khaled – GREECE (Feat. Drake)