Liquid Stranger Announces New Label At Wakaan Festival [WATCH]

Wakaan Festival popped off this weekend and everyone out there we’ve heard from has nothing but raving reviews. With this comes the exciting news that Liquid Stranger plans to start up another label. Saskaan — don’t quote us on the spelling, but makes sense — will exclusively focus on downtempo releases, according to Liquid Stranger. With the producer’s og label, Wakaan, being as hype and wonky as it is, we can understand the reason why he deems a new imprint necessary to shift the vibe.

The video below captures that moment when Liquid Stranger took to the mic to announce the new label and explain what it means to him. It’s obvious this is a project near and dear to his heart and artistic vision.

With the massive success of Wakaan, we can only expect great things from Saskaan. We can’t wait to hear what’s on the near horizon for both labels.

Watch below and stay tuned.

— Bassneckhair 𖤐 (@JordanKarlik) October 5, 2019