Lindsay Lohan Dropped An EDM Song About Anxiety Called “XANAX” & You Can Only Listen On IGTV


Lindsey Lohan is no stranger to the lime light, but here presence in the world of EDM is pretty much nonexistent (except when she presented the Best Electronic award to Marshmello at the MTV EMAs). But now, she’s entering our world whether we like it or not with a new song called “XANAX.”


The song is currently available exclusively through Instagram TV as a music video — you can’t find the song on any streaming service anywhere else. Its caption reads:

This video is a compilation of vignettes of life. Family, love, the process of moving forward and letting go of the past. To live and be happy, free of fear. Just to be grateful and open our eyes to our opportunities instead of numbing the mind.

“XANAX” is about anxiety, as the chorus makes readily apparent. It’s also built atop a sample of Alice Deejay’s 1998 song, “Better Off Alone.” That alone doesn’t make this a smash hit that we’re excited to be hearing about, but knowing Lohan’s history in the media and fame worlds makes this an interest track to dissect.

As Rolling Stone writes, “There’s a cacophony of cheesy synths and finger snaps that battle against dark and muted lyrics about living in seclusion in a city of excess. Despite all of that, it’s hard to deny ‘Xanax.’ The dichotomy of Lohan chanting ‘I got social anxiety, but you’re like Xanax to me, yeah / Social anxiety, when you kiss me, I can’t breathe,’ against a four-on-the-floor is a full-on fever dream and in the spirit of complete transparency: Sometimes it do be like that.”

Check out the track for yourself below.

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