Lil Texas Hits Harder Than Ever with New ‘Texcore, Vol. 2’ EP [LISTEN]

Lil Texas just unleashed the second installment in his adrenaline-fueled Texcore series, and there’s really nothing we can say or do to prepare you for it. Texcore, Vol. 2 hits like a ton of bricks — if said bricks were coming at you in perfect sync at 200 bpm. The producer’s own self-created Texcore subgenre is extremely intense, abrasive, and unruly, but somehow he manages to keep us coming back for more.

Vol. 2 picks up right where Vol. 1 left off. “Out My Head” leads as a prime example of Lil Texas’ signature style with wild drum patterns, rave-worthy synths and expertly layered screamo-style textures. Then, the drop kicks in, driving that pounding beat sure to be stuck in your head long after the song ends.

“Boom Pow” comes off even faster for some reason — but it’s not, we checked. Noise and distortion rule the track as that Lil Texas sound pops off once again. Next up, “The Block” comes at us with the most refined drop, reeling in the energy just a bit to focus on the low end. We recommended this one for newcomers.

Finally, “Keep Movin” sends it home with a feel good melody in the mix, roughed up by the gritty kick we’ve come to expect from Lil Texas. This one actually is faster, by the way.

Listen to Texcore, Vol. 2 here and get it for your collection via Barong Family.

Get it:

Lil Texas – Texcore, Vol. 2

P.S. Lil Texas hit the streets of LA to get feedback on his new EP. The results are in and Texcore, Vol. 2 is trash.

— LIL TEXAS (@LILTEXAS) October 5, 2019

Just kidding, we love it.