Lightning In A Bottle plans to sell early with a reduced ticket capacity of 25%

The lightning in a bottle is a rare jewel. While many important festivals focus their energy on their expansion – more events, more spectators, more money – LIB really wants to be the best possible. For 2019, this means a significant reduction in the workforce.

According to a statement by R / LightningInABottle, organizers plan to reduce the number of tickets sold for the next installment. "Changes to come for LIB 2019," announces the post. "To help create a more intimate festival where we can all focus on the magic of LIB, we will dramatically reduce the ticketing capacity by more than 25%."

Consider this as a polite boost to the LIB community – tickets will sell early. This comes as LIB has just experienced its greatest year yet, with "more than 27,000 beautiful souls present".

"We always accept new members of LIB in this experiment. The party is a learning phase, especially as we do at LIB. The Do LaB team is working on ways to educate and better present the community to all, but it is up to all of us, participants in the LIB, to be caretakers and teachers of the community. 39 atmosphere of the LIB.

LIB also presents The 6 ways of LIB :

Celebrate life
Create a community
Respect yourself and respect others
Actively participate
Honor the land
To be a citizen

Get Ready – The 2011 Earlybird LIB auction will begin January 19th and it looks like this year will be better than ever.

LIB 2018 from above

Photo via the photograph of Jessica Bernstein

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