Life in Quarantine is Nothing Short of Luxury For The Rich Kids of Instagram

The pandemic-caused isolation and highly restricted lifestyle have not dampened the spirits of Instagram’s richest, who may be the mindless entertainment, distraction and motivation we need to get through another day in quarantine.

The addictive photo documentation of wealthy lifestyles by the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ is making headlines once again, as many turn to social media for entertainment and distraction during this prolonged period of state-ordered quarantine.

While the majority of us wait out both our stay home notices and Covid-19 in the shared confines of one to three bedroom apartments alongside immediate family members and other relatives, in hopes of retaining our jobs and stabilizing our incomes, these kids never seem to face a rainy day.

Envied for their ability and access to life’s finest things, the rich kids of Instagram sure know how to live every moment to its fullest – effortlessly flaunting everything from luxury vacations, to private jets, exclusive cars, trillion dollar yachts and designer clothes.

Coping with the pandemic-caused isolation and highly restricted lifestyle, these kids have since taken online shopping, solo birthday celebrations, grocery shopping, lounging, and ordering-in to an unattainable new height, leaving the rest of us with nothing to do but scroll social media in awe of their privileged life.