L’Epée 1839 and The Unnamed Society collaboration, Dubbed the ‘Diamond’ Revolver Clock

Exploring an all-new and emerging clock concept, L’Epée 1839 and The Unnamed Society, team up to “create the impossible that cannot be imagined”. The collaboration which marks a significant change in creative, aesthetic, and philosophical direction, materialises in the form of a timeless and unique masterpiece which surpasses all existing evidence of elegance and practicality.

Dubbed the ‘Diamond’, the product of this collaboration by L’Epée 1839 and The Unnamed Society is a one-off creation, offering a newfound appreciation of time in a completely unexpected interpretation. Conceptualised in direct reference to one of the most prominent figures of the Mexican Revolution, Francisco “Pancho” Villa’s Colt Bisley revolver, the Diamond embodies an intricate mechanism with an aura of danger.

Representing the power of revolution, this combination of a pistol and time rightly symbolizes the preciousness of every moment and the speed at which it can be stolen. Characterized by seductive design elements and fascinating technical development, the Diamond houses an 8-day power reserve and is fitted with a singular butt, a functional hammer and trigger, a barrel for the hours and minutes, and a canon for rewinding movement.

Satin-finished, polished, sand-blastered, and laser engraved, the Diamond measures an estimated 35cm long x 17.2cm large, with a 6cm base, and 2,518 diamonds of 21 different sizes (78.26 carats). Encompassing over 140 hours of fabrication and more than 300 hours of gem setting by 6 Master Setters in the workshops of Geneva, this timepiece is a product of a meticulous grain crimping technique that only a few expert setters have mastered to cover large surfaces whilst maintaining a beautiful and elegant homogeneity.

Currently on display at the ART in TIME gallery in Monaco, the Diamond by L’Epée 1839 and The Unnamed Society marks a physical personification of values upheld throughout the American West, the Mexican revolution, and across the world, which will now forever be immortalized in a singular clock.