Leo Lauretti Unveils Enchanting Melodic House Remix of Clara Valverde’s Single “Questão de Tempo”

Leo Lauretti‘s musical prowess knows no bounds, whether he’s crafting mesmerizing trance anthems, delving into deeper prog cuts, or creating shimmering melodic house tracks. With support from industry heavyweights like Above & Beyond, Lauretti continues to shine brighter than ever, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his craft.

In his latest offering, Lauretti presents a captivating melodic house remix of Brazilian singer Clara Valverde’s hit single, “Questão de Tempo.” This collaboration is truly a match made in heaven as Lauretti skillfully weaves his signature emotive sounds into a sonic masterpiece, while Valverde’s ethereal vocals gracefully soar above the enchanting production. Prepare to be spellbound as the seamless fusion of Lauretti’s artistry and Valverde’s blissful voice takes you on a transformative musical journey. It won’t be surprising if this track swiftly becomes one of your favorite songs of the year. Experience its allure below and let the sublime melodies wash over you.