Leitners’ new Ad Maiora hybrid smartwatch

Can’t choose between a classic automatic timepiece and a sporty smartwatch for that special someone in your life? Leitners’ new Ad Maiora is the perfect surprise gift. Looking for the ultimate business-casual surprise gift for the tech enthusiast in your life? From home sound systems to the latest game consoles, the gifting options this year are numerous – but one choice that is certain to please the man who simply can’t choose between sartorial style and sport and who is forever juggling a busy schedule is the brand-new Ad Maiora Hybrid Smartwatch from Leitners.

A stylish newcomer to the smartwatch market, the Ad Maiora – which translates as ‘towards greater things’ in English – is a suave, sophisticated and all-round aesthetically pleasing automatic analog watch, but with all of the innovative capabilities of a smartwatch – from syncing your calendars and schedules to tracking your workout performance. Now, Germany-based new start-up company Leitners – the brains behind the creation, which was founded just last year – is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help bring its vision to life, offering the chance for buyers to get their hands on this innovative creation at a reduced price.

A team of watch enthusiasts who were eager to see their vision brought to life, Leitners works closely alongside its R&D team, who are based in Brno, Czech Republic – the IT and cultural hub of central Europe. After growing tired of waiting for someone else to launch this new and improved variety of smartwatch, they decided to combine their skills and expertise in order to do the job themselves.

With a clear vision for this innovative new model, which fuses a hand-crafted, classic smartwatch design with a variety of smart functions, the company hopes that its creation will ultimately mean that the need to wear two different watches a once – an automatic on one arm, and a smart band on the other – would become obsolete. Enter, the impressive Ad Maiora, which is certain to become one of the most coveted timepieces on the market in the near future, and an essential choice for any luxury watch collection.

Leitners’ new Ad Maiora

Ad Maiora is certain to become one of the most coveted timepieces on the market

Symbiotically integrated with smart circuit, censors and a full-dial e-ink display, this innovative new creation features the world-renowned Miyota 9039 self-winding mechanics that have become synonymous with the utmost in quality. The unique brain of this smart watch is an integrated circuit which provides most of the usual functions smartwatches are known for, and features a high-quality display to ensure an elevated user experience.

Thanks to the afore-mentioned e-link display, users can easily follow their schedules, track their activities and preview messages all in one place – while when not in use, the watch looks like just the kind of classic and elegant timepiece you’d be happy to wear into the boardroom, out for that luxury dinner or to a black-tie event. Its powerful and efficient display means that charging is only required once weekly, which is a vast improvement on the majority of other smartwatches on the market today – in fact, by approximately seven times.

Leitners’ new Ad Maiora

Ad Maiora is a super stylish newcomer to the smartwatch market

“The Ad Maiora allows users to stay organised and on top of their day-to-day plans with its sleek and non-distracting graphical schedule. Busy periods are synced automatically from your calendars and highlighted on the watch’s e-link display for handy, at-a-glance functionality,” says Marek, CTO at Leitners. “It’s designed for versatile, daily use and meets all of your needs in one.

It looks just as good as an elegant dress watch as it does a sportier and more casual accessory and is the perfect partner for running or hiking thanks to its reliable durability and smart capabilities, which allow you to track your performance quickly and easily at every step of the way.” Manufactured fully in-house with the famous German precision and the best materials possible, there’s no denying that the Ad Maiora is set to fly of the shelves almost as soon as it hits them – and on the 4th November at 4pm, Leitners is set to launch its first ever Kickstarter campaign to help make that happen.

Leitners’ new Ad Maiora

The watch is designed for versatile use in daily life

Designed to make ideas into reality, Kickstarter is a platform which invites creators to share their new visions for creative work with the communities that come together to fund them – and to get things moving in a bid to bring the Ad Maiora to the masses, the watch will be available for the special launching price of 419€ for only 48 hours after launch – a generous discount on the usual RRP of 1100€. If you’re eager to be one of the first to get your hands on this exciting new launch, then be sure to pop the date and time in your diary.