Legend Alert: Xcellerated to Host Dillinja, Bass Brothers, Fury and RAW in One Show, Not to Mention the Dubstep Lineup

It’s hard to keep up with the full LA calendar of bass music these days, with multiple events going on almost every night and will do for the forseeable future. In fact, it’s tough just to keep up with Xcellerated, who consistently put on lineups so stacked it rivals anything seen in the UK or EU. This time around tomorrow Friday April 26 Xcellerated will have the absolute drum and bass legend that is Dillinja in the venue along with the Bass Brothers, Fury and local legend RAW It’s Dillinja’s first US appearance in a decade, so trust these are deep, old school vibes and not to be missed. Anyone who’s loved DnB for a long time knows the power of this lineup but those who are new to the scene, consider this your drum and bass education.

The home venue to Xcellerated, Catch One on Pico Blvd, has multiple rooms and this Friday a second room will be open and hosted by Mad Ting! with yet another stacked dubstep/riddim lineup. Hatcha headlines the dubstep vibes along with Youngsta, Subtle Mind and Endigo. Lots of bass music love for everyone this Friday, no matter what BPM you choose. MC hosts for the night will be Dino, J-Tec and Woes and just announced today, there will be a live art display from Blacklight King. Pre-sale tickets will be available online until 7pm the day of the show Friday, April 26. Visit Eventbrite or the Facebook event page for tickets and more info. United in bass, see everyone there!