LEFTI & Brandon Markell Holmes Collaborate on Irresistible House Banger “Get What You Want”

A luminary in the realm of house music, Alex Suarez, known as LEFTI, is a multi-faceted artist who traverses the world as a touring musician, DJ, and songwriter. Today, he takes center stage as a powerhouse in the house scene, not only shaping the soundscape of Brooklyn but making waves across the global musical landscape. His impressive discography, spanning releases on illustrious labels like Toolroom, Love & Other, and Let There Be House, stands as a testament to his continuous growth and evolution. With major labels like Atlantic, Warner, and Universal recognizing his talents, he’s been entrusted with reimagining tracks through a series of remix projects. Industry titans including Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Claptone, and Fatboy Slim champion his prowess, further solidifying his influence.

Presenting his latest offering, LEFTI collaborates with the soulful Brandon Markell Holmes to deliver the intoxicating house single titled “Get What You Want.” This track serves as a club anthem, skillfully merging vintage influences with contemporary elements to create an irresistible sonic journey that pulses with boundless energy.

“Get What You Want” stands as a masterful blend of classic and modern, capturing the essence of both eras while forging a fresh and distinctive sound. The synergy between LEFTI’s adept production and Brandon Markell Holmes’ soulful vocals elevates the track to extraordinary heights, ensuring it resonates deeply with listeners.

Alex Suarez’s artistry has earned him a well-deserved place among industry luminaries. As he joins forces with Brandon Markell Holmes on this exceptional track, their combined talents culminate in a musical masterpiece that pays homage to house music’s roots while propelling it boldly into the future. “Get What You Want” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to the enduring allure of house music, a genre that continues to captivate audiences and unite dancefloors worldwide.