Layton Greene Unveils Her Latest Sensation: “Something”

Rising R&B sensation Layton Greene has just unveiled her latest single, “Something,” under the Quality Control Music/Motown Records label.

In “Something,” Layton Greene takes center stage to flaunt her remarkable vocal range and deliver a sensually captivating performance. This track marks her second release of 2023, cementing her status as an artist on the rise.

With each release, Layton Greene solidifies her unique artistic identity and continues to captivate fans as she shares her personal experiences through her music. Her ability to connect with her audience and express herself through her art is a testament to her growing prominence in the world of R&B.

As Layton Greene releases “Something,” she stands as a shining example of an artist who is evolving and making her mark in the industry. Stay tuned as she continues to enchant and resonate with music enthusiasts, one soulful note at a time.