LAYA Releases New Single “Need 2 Know”

Staten Island’s own soul sensation, LAYA, has once again graced us with her musical prowess through the unveiling of her latest single, “Need 2 Know,” now available on Warner Records. With an unfiltered and unapologetic approach, LAYA captivates her audience with this fresh track, blending her trademark vulnerability with unvarnished honesty that resonates deeply.

Unveiling the Heartfelt Track

“Need 2 Know” marks an exciting milestone in LAYA’s musical journey, following the trailblazing success of her defiant kiss-off anthem, “F’d Up.”

In this latest offering, LAYA doesn’t hold back, pouring her emotions into every note and lyric. The songstress bares her soul, delivering a raw and authentic performance that speaks to the core of human emotions.

A Glimpse into LAYA’s Musical Evolution

LAYA’s artistic evolution continues to captivate her growing fanbase. Her fearless and unapologetic approach to storytelling shines through in “Need 2 Know.” The song reflects not only her personal growth but also her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, embracing vulnerability, and embracing life’s complexities.

An Upcoming Musical Masterpiece: BET THAT EP

Excitement abounds as LAYA not only blesses us with “Need 2 Know” but also tantalizes fans with a preview of her upcoming EP, titled “BET THAT.” Set for release on September 1, this EP promises to be a melodic journey that echoes LAYA’s unique experiences and perspective. With her distinct style and unshakable authenticity, LAYA’s EP is sure to strike a chord with listeners worldwide.

In conclusion, LAYA’s release of “Need 2 Know” reaffirms her position as a trailblazing artist who fearlessly navigates the terrain of soulful expression. As she continues to evolve and share her musical narrative, fans eagerly await the unveiling of “BET THAT,” expecting nothing less than a masterful collection of songs that will further solidify LAYA’s place in the music industry’s spotlight. So, mark your calendars for September 1 and prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of LAYA’s music.