Laxcity Offers Blissful Single “Purity” Off Upcoming EP

Laxcity really hit his stride when he released his debut album Catharsis and now with his upcoming Purity EP on the horizon, we can only imagine the places that Laxcity is planning on taking us with his ever-evolving sound.  Debuting the title track off his upcoming EP, “Purity” is an atmospheric escape drenched in lush melodies that come alive as the track progresses.  Dreamy and distorted vocals add their own layers to the track as they briefly take center stage before the production swells back into the forefront offering a blissful respite before sucking you back in for another listen.  Enjoy “Purity” and keep an eye out for Laxcity’s upcoming Purity EP out July 12th.

Implementing my own vocals in my own official releases has been something I’ve been self-conscious about for a while. However, as an artist, I have to keep reinventing myself, and step out of my comfort zone a lot more! – Laxcity

Laxcity – Purity