Lavender Is the Coolest Hair Color Shade for Summer

It’s safe to call 2019 the year of icy shades. From Scandi blonde to periwinkle, this season has seen it all. The new top choice? Lavender. Whether you favor a gray-tinged take or an icier dye job, lavender hair color covers a wide spectrum.

Since lavender often features blue or pale purple tones, you can experiment with lilac or a deep silver balayage to add interesting dimension. Silver ends give lavender hair colors an easy lift, especially if you’re already a blonde.

If you want a smoky yet pale base, go for gray or light purple tints. Leaning toward something bleached out with dark silver or mint blue undertones? Then lavender gray is your best bet. Some lavender shades need more accents than others so make sure to work out a strategy with your stylist and ask if there are any DIY options available.